Job Details

Position: Audiologist
Interview Date: no interview schedule
Country: Oman
Employer: Oman

Job Details:


  • Female
  • 23 - 35 years old.
  • must have atleast 2 years experience.

Job Description:

  • Identify, test, diagnose, and manage disorders of human hearing, balance, and tinnitus;interpret test results of behavioral and objective measures Counsel patients about hearing health and the possible need for treatment/management.
  • Assess the candidacy of persons with hearing loss for hearing aids and cochlear implants and provide fitting, programming, and audiologic rehabilitation to ensure the best possible outcomes.
  • Supervise and conduct newborn hearing screening programs.
  • Evaluate and manage children and adults with central auditory processing disorders.
  • Screen speech-language, the use of sign language, and other factors affecting communication function for the purposes of audiologic evaluation and/or initial identification of individuals with other communication disorders.


  • Perform otoscopic examination of ear canals and ear drum, manage the removal of excessive cerumen, and make ear impressions.
  • Recommend and provide hearing aid selection, fitting, and programming.
  • Recommend and provide hearing assistive technology systems (HATS)
  • Recommend and provide audiologic rehabilitation-including speech reading, communication management, language development, and auditory skill development.
  • Perform assessment and nonmedical management of tinnitus.
  • Counsel and educate patients and families/caregivers on the psychosocialn adjustment of hearing loss.


  •     Collaborate with educators regarding communication management, educational implications of hearing loss, educational programming, classroom acoustics, and large-area amplification systems for children with hearing loss.
  • Educate the public on the prevention of hearing loss, tinnitus, and falls.
  • Consult about accessibility for hearing loss in public and private buildings, programs, and services.
  • Implement and/or coordinate community, school-based, or occupational hearing screening and coversation programs.
  • Participate in the development of professional and technical standards.
  • Demonstrate the value of audiologic services by measuring functional outcomes, consumer satisfaction, and effectiveness of treatment.
  • Supervise audiology assistants who provide support functions to the practice of audiology